Where are you located? Are you available for travel?

I’m living life in the Valley of the Sun – Phoenix, Arizona. And I am absolutely available to travel wherever your story is taking place.

How do I book?

For all wedding collections and portrait sessions a signed contract along with a 50% retainer seals the deal. I work on a first-come, first-serve basis so I suggest booking sooner rather then later to assure the date of your event is available to you. ***now accepting 2018 weddings

If you’re interested in booking your wedding with me I always recommend setting up a coffee/cocktail/skype date first so that we can get to know each other a little better and see if we’re a good match. After all, you’ll be spending the majority of one of the most important days of your life with me following you around at a rather intimate distance, so you should probably make sure you actually like me before you commit to that, amiright?!

What are you prices?

You can find more information about my portrait sessions here.

This is obvious but every couple and every wedding is different. What works for one won’t make sense for the other. Because of this I offer a few different collections. Custom packages are also available for elopements and destination weddings. To receive a copy of my pricing guide or to find out more about a custom qoute please email: jamiealliophoto@gmail.com or click here.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

Turn around for wedding galleries is 6-8 weeks. Portrait sessions will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. Should you order any albums or prints with your collection, expect an additional 3-4 weeks to receive your products.

Can we share our photos online?

PLEASE DO! I just ask that you please credit me with a link, hashtag or the like. And per your contract, please do not crop/edit/add filters to ANY of your images.  

Do we have printing rights?

Yup. And I totally encourage you to print as many of your photos as you can. Nothing compares to holding tangible memories in your hand, rather then in some folder on your computers hard drive. 

I can recommend a couple companies that are affordable & provide great quality products if you would like to print them yourselves. You also have the option to order albums and prints directly through me. Whichever you prefer. 

What should I do if I hate having my photo taken/OMG I’m so awkward?!

Relax. Not only will you do great, you’ll actually enjoy the experience. I promise. Before our session we’ll spend some time chatting (probably over a beer or champagne, because thats just how I do things) and by the end of our conversation we will be comfortable enough around each other to start cracking jokes and having fun. From that moment on it’s just about having a good time, not about looking cool. I’ll give you plenty of direction and guidance from the very beginning so you’ll never feel any moments of panic or confusion. By the end of our time together you’ll be a pro. 

What should I wear?

I’ll be your companion all the way through this process and have ALL the suggestions, but really…just focus on being the best version of yourself. Your photos are a celebration of YOU/YOUR LOVE. So celebrate yo’ self, dammit! Be bold. Indulge in that outfit you’ve been stalking online for like, ever. Borrow your friends closet. Make a vision board with all of the badass outfits you wish you had an occasion to wear something fabulous to….this is the occasion!! Your photos will last forever, way past your own lifetime. So do it right. Please (please please please) don’t just throw something together the morning of. If you don’t think you have good style, ask someone whose wardrobe you admire to give you some pointers. The better you feel about your look the day of your session the more fun your going to have and the better the images will turn out. Fact. 

What the heck is Boudoir?

Well, most boudoir is pretty cheesy in my opinion. But around here we do things differently. It’s more about the experience and what’s happening in the mind/heart of the model (thats YOU!) then about taking ‘sexy photos’. 

Boudoir sessions for me are portrait sessions that revolve around self love – healing, expressing, growing, celebrating, conquering….all of it. Together the model and I create an experience that empowers and inspires both of us, and in doing so we make some beautiful art. 

You can read more about these sessions here.

Your kid has red hair? HOW?

I seriously answer this question probably once a week from clients and strangers alike. No joke. And the answer is yes, he’s got bright red hair and deep blue eyes…and neither his father nor I have either of those things. It’s actually the most rare combination in the world. But the hair comes from a recessive gene (meaning it skips a generation) and if both parents carry that gene than two people with black hair and hazel/green eyes can in fact create a little cherub looking, red-headed, blue-eyed babe. Trust me, we were as surprised as you are…